Saturday, February 27, 2010

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun"

In these pictures, what do you see? I see my healthy, near-thirteen-year old son attempting the unicycle for the first time. It warmed the cockles of my one-wheelie heart to watch him jump in the saddle. Wobble. Crash. Tilt. Lean. Fall. Repeat.

Lucas wants to master the unicycle, despite his frustration. When I think how we seriously considered taking him off of life support at the ripe old age of five months, many small situations in life become meaningful moments that would otherwise pass by. As a baby, he underwent two open-heart surgeries, was ventilator dependant and eating from a feeding tube. His start was a fragile, bleak struggle. When I flashback to his first year, how can I not be thrilled over a simple unicycle attempt? Can you imagine the mess I will be at his high school graduation or wedding?

What did my husband see when he saw these photos? Let’s just say he was not happy the Honda was the launching pad for our Unicycle 101 lesson. I thought that if Lucas dents the car, it’s instantly customized; like a spoiler, or bumper sticker. He did not like my explanation. I understand the rule of respecting and caring for our stuff, and I usually agree with him on issues like this, however, this time I had to take my own path. A dent felt like a silly concern in the middle of this exciting moment.

I defer to Katherine Hepburn who said “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” Not a scratch was made (this time) and I stand by my decision to embrace any dents that come with this joyful, simple experience.

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