Sunday, February 21, 2010


Last night I joined a mini-Facebook high school reunion at a local bar. Always nice to reconnect with old chums after twenty-four years. School friends commented on how weird it is that Louie is my brother-in-law (see picture). I agreed. You see Miss Piggy’s husband Scott, aka Louie, was my close high-school buddy. Somewhere in the archives of my life sits a photo of us from 1985, at the Sadie Hawkins dance dressed in matching western shirts on a bale of hay. You should see the look on Louie’s face, hamming up the hokey hill-billy charade. Hee-haw! This Louie guy is a hoot! It was never a love connection, but a fun date nonetheless. Later, in 1986, at San Diego State where Miss Piggy and I attended, I introduced them and both being the creative types they clicked. They were “just friends” for five years, then married in 1995, in Italy, of all places. My big fat Italian clan loved that! It felt good to hook-a-sista-up.

But wait, even more interesting is Louie kept the sister hook up going. Louie had a best friend and college roommate named Dave, but I’ll call him Minnesota, because he’s from Minnesota and says things like “flayg” for flag and “bayg” instead of bag. Needless to say, we have a lot of fun with his accent. Minnesota couldn’t afford the trip home for the holidays one year (life on a college budget, we’ve all been there) and stayed at Louie’s grandma’s house with him … but we really mostly hung out at my parents’ house (free beer). Minnesota is a great guy and blended right in. He actually won that year’s Ugly Ornament Contest at the Crosetti Christmas Party. My clan loved and welcomed him because he was a hilarious, creative, cute, kind and respectful. Who can resist that? Not young Cutie-Pie. In the end, it is Louie and Miss Piggy that get the kudos for this hook-a-sista-up story, as Cutie-Pie and Minnesota married in 2003. Perfect match.

As I sit back and think about this, it’s sort of odd that my sisters married friends. And now we are all related.  And then I think about it again and it’s not so weird. Maybe this is how it happens in families with all girls. I mean, help a sister out already! My grandma Noni (oldest of four sisters) married my grandpa Frank after her sister Ruby dated him and decided she didn’t like that Frank fella. Ruby passed on Frank, but Eva  (aka Noni) thought he was cute and they fell madly in love. Good thing, cause here I am today because of it. This is my favorite hook-a-sista-up story.

Girls, come together on this concept because you never know what wonderful things might happen when you hook-a-sista-up. Remember how I met my techie Prince at my Cousin Paul’s 25th birthday party? Hook-a-cuz-up.

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