Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Glass Half Full in a Week That Feels Empty

At every turn I am met with another friend, family member or friend-of-a-friend battling an illness or form of cancer. I could name these folks that are fighting something, but am sure you have your own list. Words that have been in my vocabulary this past week include: MRI, tumor, chemotherapy, shunt, radiation, lesions, pneumonia, physical therapy, chemotherapy, PET Scan, lungs, and biopsy.


I think worry and sadness cause writer’s block. There is still much I want to share with you from the Women’s Retreat, but honestly, I can’t pull it together. I feel helpless and pray. Then pray some more.

Amongst the cannonball-sized pearl necklace of concern around my neck, I realize there is a healthy exception to what feels like the sickly norm. This exception, my friend I call Nana, celebrates her ninety-second birthday today. Foxy Grandma could be her name. She has all her marbles and still drives! A couple weeks ago, Nana and I entered a football pool together and our square won! So, she is not only spry, but lucky too. She walks with little assistance and she remembers not only my name, but details of my life. Remarkable! My own Grandma, bless her soul, referred to me as “That Lady With the Baby.” My Grandma's body was in decent shape, but her mental train left the station years before she passed. Because of this, I appreciate Nana's snappy cognitive state and sweet smile even more.

Instead of recognizing the half-empty glasses surrounding me, I wish to acknowledge Nana Alicia’s amazing ninety-two years of life.

 Happy Birthday and Cheers to you Nana! Clink!

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Unknown said...

Nice story...Lady with the two kids, megaGreat husband, and a unicycle with a tire that needs to be pumped up!