Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things That Bug Me (Today)

 I can’t tell if it is a He or a She.
When my son was four, we were checking out at the market, he loudly asked, while pointing at the checker, “Does she have a penis?” I wasn’t sure myself.

Mealy Mouths
This refers to that group of adults and children s who mumble when they talk. For example, in Fourth Grade some kids verbally bellow out their assigned paragraph in Island of the Blue Dolphins, while others make me wish I owned Miracle Ear. Please speak loud and clear.

Repeating Myself. Repeating Myself.
No. No. No. Stop asking, “no” does not mean “maybe!” (See, I am not a mealy mouth)

Cold Hands
I end up sitting on them, makes typing difficult

Folding Laundry
Clean clothes are necessary, but folding is that extra step I hate. What are a few wrinkles as long as you don’t smell?

Poop on the rug
Mostly pets, but once my toddler pooped on the driveway. He should not have been off leash.

Reading Directions
My solution? Marry an Engineer, they live for this stuff.

Everything is Translated
While playing a game of SORRY! over the weekend, we had a dispute, I reached for the rules. They were all in Spanish! LO SIENTO!! (FYI: That means "I'm sorry" in Spanish)

The Electric Bill in December
$215!! Christmas spirit should come with a discount

Stinky Dog Breath
Why won’t my dogs eat the yummy eucalyptus breath chewies I bought? These treats could not taste any worse than the dog excrement I see them eating.

In Grown Toenails
Pedicures should not lead to a $30 co-pay

It is none of your business what other people think about you


Stephanie said...

That's too funny!! I bet our kids will be telling THEIR kids one day, "No does not mean maybe," or "No means doesn't mean beg." LOL :) BTW...the pedi ended up costing me $87! )$40 copay and 1/3 of the cost... great insurance, huh? Keep up the great blogging! I'm looking forward to having it emailed :) :) :) xoxo

Kari said...

I love all of the things that bug you but I really love the one about being married to an engineer. Aren't maps just the worst?????

Kari said...

What I meant to say was that I loved reading about all the things that bug you....made me think of my own list. Hmmmmmmm? Nothing bugs me! NOT!!!!