Saturday, January 9, 2010

Define Cat Fight

Who knows why I have been waking up at 5 AM this past week? I tried to fight it many mornings. Today, I just got up, even though it was a Saturday. It felt pointless to fake sleep because my mind was not going to shut off. I wrapped up in my robe and let the doggies out, turned on the computer and started making coffee.

Around 6:00 I heard the cry of two cats outside the living room window...that long drawn out whining that cats do before a brawl. It is a screeching, whiny sound that reminds me of labor pains. The cat screaming peaked into a fight and I heard their scratching and crying just a window pane away. My dogs went berserk hearing all the wild commotion. It sounded like one cat was getting hurt. I had to do something; I was afraid it was Twixie, our neighbor’s cat, and I did not want the noise to waken my family and destroy my morning peace.

A bit nervous, I went out to break up the cat fight. Shouting at them in the dark, the two cats scrammed in different directions. Thinking that was easy, I went back inside my cozy home.

Fast forward two hours and my family was slowing waking up. My kids and I sat on the couch, my husband stood by sipping his coffee. It was a relaxed Saturday morning chat. I told them what I had been doing for the last three hours. My husband and I talked about the movie we watched last night and the kids shared what they could remember of their morning dreams.

Then I blurted out, “Did you hear the cat fight this morning?”
My husband and Lucas said "no."
With great interest, Daniel, my nine year old asked, "Who were the girls?"

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