Thursday, January 14, 2010

Birthday Seasons

I know this is not nice to admit but…..I feel bad for the kid who has a December birthday. Obviously Jesus’ birthday overshadows and Christmas babies seemed to get short-changed. Like the two-for-one Christmas present so many people combine as one. Or the birthday present covered in Christmas wrap. Nice try…it’s still not a birthday gift AND a Christmas gift. I understand why it happens, it just doesn’t seem fair. I have noticed that children with holiday birth dates tend to skip parties or push them back into January, which honestly isn’t much better…folks are buried in Christmas debt, the weather is unpredictable, many are partied out, and the kids just pulled in plenty of loot from under the tree. The upside of the January birthday? There are fantastic toy sales. Just today I bought a $30 remote control helicopter, for a roller-skating party on Saturday, at half off. Yea me!

My cousin’s holiday birthday is on December 31. Difficult for a kid, but she hit the party jackpot now that she is older. Parties are everywhere celebrating Cousin Marinna and that New Year’s thing. For whatever reason, we have an abundance of folks in our life who were born in January. Seven that I shop for. My husband moans that it is expensive, and that I should just send cards. Ya, right, Mr. Birthday Bummer!

March is another big month of making-merry at our house. Pisces that I am; along with my older son and father … Birthday overload … Not to mention two aunts and another cousin I don’t even buy gifts for. Another expensive month, without the after-Christmas sales to benefit from. The weather is usually cool and breezy, so swim parties don’t fly and there are runny noses that time of year… but these are not complaints, just observations. Spring is a great time of the year to be born and apparently a great time to conceive, with all those January birthdays, as noted above, see what happens when you try to stay warm? If I could pick any month to be born it would be May. Spring has sprung, daylight savings has kicked in, the weather is beautiful and there is not a major holiday in sight.

My older sister has a July birthday, and every summer she was stuck with a “family party”… the obvious downside of a summer birthday. When you are young it is not as easy to gather your school friends, many are on vacation. We used to go to our beach house all summer so even if everyone was home, the birthday girl wasn’t. The upside of the summer birthday is that everyone is healthy and the weather is always a winner (that is, if you live in California). My other son hit the Birthday bonanza, being born on August 31. I wasn’t crazy about giving birth on the caboose of the month; it would take to long arrive since it was the.Very. Last. Day. Unlike my husband who was born August 10. I am happy that it is gorgeous summer weather AND it falls at the start of the school year. It’s an easy date to pull off a kid or adult party with great attendance and perfect weather.

My little sister HAD a wonderful autumn birthday date, until September 11 crashed the party. Now every year America mourns, when she is ready to celebrate. The autumn birthday is not bad if you can keep far enough away from Thanksgiving … once the turkey lands, Christmas has one foot in the door, and then it is all about hanging lights, sending cards and figuring out a way to condense your birthday, if you’re born in December.

The Birthday Bottom Line for me is that I love to give gifts and celebrate the friends and family I have been blessed with for another year. The Italian in me would throw a huge bash, if time and funds permitted, for each person I hold dear. Birthday wishes can become messages of love, inspiration, and kindness that can carry you through your new year…and the thing about a birthday is that you never know if it will be your last. So, my advice? By no means miss an opportunity to commemorate a birthday, even if it is just a card, a big hug or ginormous surprise party.

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