Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Christmas Suit of Confusion

In preparing for Daniel’s school Christmas singing program, he requested that he dress in a Tuxedo…upon further investigating, I realized that he meant a suit and tie. There are a couple boys in his class that show up spiffy, unlike most that meet the bare requirement of dark pants and white collared shirt. Thinking it was sweet that he wanted to look his holiday best, we took a family shopping trip that night, playing twenty questions on the drive.

When it was Daniel’s turn he told us that he was thinking of a famous building….so we started questioning him if this building was in California? No.
New York? No
Washington DC? No.
USA? No.
Another country? Yes.

He gave us hint that it was a place that started with the letter A….hmmm. After many guesses we figured out it was Australia. It did not seem odd that he would pick a famous building in Australia as his friend from school just returned from a three week trip down under, so I figured Daniel had learned a thing or two. None of us could pull an answer out of our hat as we did our best to name the little we knew about Australia’s best known architecture. Alas, Daniel gave us a much needed clue. He had to; the game was at a standstill, so he told us, “It starts with the letter C.”

That helped… sort of, not really...silence filled the car as my husband, Lucas and I scratched our heads. It appeared that Daniel had stumped us and won the game….that was until he told us the answer…..The Sears Tower!HA! He was surprised  as we were tickled when we told him that The Sears Tower is in Chicago, Illinois and that it is started with the letter S. We all had a good laugh over his dim-witted answer, or, I like to call it innocence because he is a really smart third grader 99% of the time.

The next night was the Christmas Program and Daniel took his shower and was eager to put on his new suit and tie. Again my mommy heart was aglow at the thought that this little boy actually cared how he looked up on that stage playing his recorder in front of hundreds of people, reciting bible verses and belting out Christmas carols with hand movements…….and then he dropped the bomb. He asked if I had some dark glasses he could wear with the suit because he wanted to look like he was in the FBI! That is what he really cared about…. pretending he was all dressed up to protect the president, armed with a gun and ear piece, privy to top secret information, and wearing a bullet proof vest under his dapper suit!

I tell you what, this kid keeps this family laughing and it is sad to see him grow up so fast. It won’t be long before he is working on the third floor of the Sears Tower in Australia for the FBI.

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