Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Meatballs

We are traveling to Arizona for Turkey so we celebrated the holiday last night in our home with my clan. Family from Hawaii flew in for the week. It is my first cousin Gianna, with her husband Mike and their three small children, ages 2, 4, and 6, whom we have not seen in two years.

Moving our couch to the garage to make room for tables, all 17 of us ate together. The menu was an untraditional Thanksgiving …mustacholi and meatballs, handmade by my Mom and Dad. Very Italian and delicious. Of course Mom overcooked, so everyone took home a party favor of mustacholi and meatballs in a baggie.

I had a fabulous time with my sisters and cousins and aunts and all the darling kids, including mine. My cousin has lost 95 pounds and the highlight for me was getting to see what was left of her….what an amazing difference! Having her small kids in the house made me realize how old and grown up my 9 and 12 year old boys are. I spent the entire day cleaning and making my house all pretty so that these mini Hawaiians could come break a screen, another refused to eat dinner and another upset my nine year old to the point of tears……the two year old just wanted to take over my sons room and touch and mess with his valued ‘stuff’.

I can understand why a two year old would do this, but Daniel could not. When he awoke this morning I greeted him with, “ Good Mornin Daniel, How are you?”

Without hesitation, he answered, “Just happy that Rocco is gone.”

Ahh, good times…..It really doesn’t matter what time of year that you feast, or what you feast on. It is getting together, sharing laughter and feeling united in a love that floats throughout the crowded, loud room. So my First Thanksgiving was a splendid experience and I anticipate doing a Second feast with my husband’s family later this week. Hopefully another memorable time, minus the broken screen door and tears.

My overall assessment of Thanksgiving? Fancy food is good, but friends and family are the best! Oh, and so are those leftovers…now I am signing off to warm up some meatballs.

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