Monday, November 9, 2009

Sweet. Literal. Daniel.

I love having nine year old Daniel in our family. He is a thinker and is discerning, intelligent, sensitive and possesses a fabulous sense of kid humor. These qualities mixed together bring my husband and I much laughter. As I had mentioned in a previous blog… take adult language literally, especially Daniel.

Saturday night our family was driving to dinner when my husband ran a red light. It was a close call, but really, he ran the red. The kids perked up. I turned tense and shouted a bad word in my mind as I scanned the street in the review mirror. I mentioned that in Ventura, the city has installed cameras attached to the lights that snap your car running the red and then send you a picture and a ticket. My husband was aware of that.

“There is one at Seaward and Main Street that I always pass. Right there on Seaward.” I note.

Daniel blurts out, “Seaward?”

Ralph and I continue to talk about the many intersections in Ventura that have the snap and snitch system installed. Again I mention Seaward Avenue, as it is the one I come across often.

In the back seat I hear Daniel repeating the word Seaward over and over, while Ralph and I nervously chat, thankful that there was no camera or police around to capture his mistake.
From the backseat I hear his curious voice, “Seaward? What Seaward? Do you mean crap?”

All conversation stopped as I looked back at Daniel in the back seat.
“What? Dan, what did you say?”

“Yeah, Seward, is that what you mean? Crap.” he giggled nervously.

I paused and slowed my chattering adult mind down to nine year old speed. Then I connected the dots. In our family, we avoid certain words, but he hears acceptable references. As in Seward (C-word) and Main Street. … Daniel thought I was sly in saying the C-word, as in the F-word.

Of course he thought I was secretly adult coding Crap and Main Street….. he is nine….. He does not drive or know the street names in Ventura.

Now, that is funny......Sweet, Literal Daniel.

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