Thursday, November 19, 2009


I read that when Oprah was a child she prayed that God would use her….and I guess in many ways he has. For years, I have asked God to use me. When I stepped back to see what was in the works, I figured out that this meant playing mom, wife and living in the light….so, I stopped asking Him to use me and moved on to the prayer request that He would show me why he put me on this Earth. You know, my individual special purpose. But still nothing exhilarating popped out at me and I am left packing lunches, schlepping myself to fourth grade to tutor in math four days a week while I arrange play dates , grocery shop, fold laundry and listen to my kids practice piano and guitar daily. Honestly, I am disappointed if this is all God has in sight for me. Not that being a mom is without meaning, because this huge job, if done correctly, is loaded with purpose and can impact the world. I see a lot of good in my Christian service that is administered under our roof. However, There is a slice of me that wishes God would utilize me in some exciting glamorous way, you know huge and electrifying ……like being the next white, five foot Oprah, transforming our world on a grand scale.

I get it. I am serving my family, and in twenty years from now I hope to see God’s big picture and maybe it will all be clear why this mundane ordinary purpose was my calling. The truth is that I am just another soccer mom who is fortunate enough to have one amazing healthy husband and two healthy boys that light up my life. Health is EVERYTHING!

God answers prayers, I have experienced that high many times…He just does it in His own slow perfect way. When I studied the Bible I noticed that God used the winos, prostitutes and biggest losers to express his love and impact history. Being regular old wine loving simple me, I have hope that I will be called on some mission (I don’t mean Africa) outside of family life that is exciting and daring and requires immense trust and faith to see it through.

But for now, I will rotate the laundry.

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