Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Happenings

We Trick–or-Treated in our friend’s neighborhood that was alive with haunted houses and lots of well lit homes waiting for our goblins to knock. Eight boys, most dressed in some form of black costume, made their way up and down the streets with a pillow case full of sweets. Daniel was part of the Special Forces Unit (gas mask included) and Lucas was a wicked jester. In our caravan of boys roamed the Grim Reaper, Slash (from Guns and Roses) and a Zombie.

It was a fun chili-dinner filled time for our entire family...we shared a yummy meal and then the Moms paraded the kids outside and the Dads stayed in to "hand out candy", AKA drink beer and watch the World Series. Everyone had a blast....well, except for that one Halloween glitch that came up just after midnight. The kids were asleep, and we settling into our bed, resting our tired feet and brains. Daniel walked in our room announcing groggily that he barfed in bed. Then he finished off the job on our bedroom floor. Lots of smelly chocolate. We literally leapt out of bed, stripped his sheets, started a load of laundry, tossed Dan in the shower for a good scrub, and cleaned up the mess with one eye open. I am thankful to have a husband who shared the disgusting clean up job with me.

I knew we should have monitored the amount of candy intake after returning from Trick-or-Treating. Oh well, he learned the hard way and I suspect next year we just have to remind him of his Halloween Hack. That should be enough to put his brakes on when reaching for just one more candy bar.

Halloween is behind us and now we look to the Thanksgiving feast.

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