Friday, November 13, 2009

The Early Jollies

Want to know something? I am looking forward to Christmas….I know, I know, Thanksgiving is still two weeks away, and the Halloween box hasn’t made it back into the rafters.

 Wondering why I have this Jolly bug so early, I came to the conclusion that I love to give presents. Sure, I enjoy shopping, but don’t do too much of that for pleasure because of a mortgage, braces, a car payment, electricity, private school and Greenies for our dachshunds (what makes them so expensive?)

This is that time of year when I indulge in guilt free spending (of course within the budget). After making my purchases, I anticipate wrapping the treats for my friends and family. I am a simple wrapper and barely get a bow on the present. I don’t think that elaborate fluffy presentation stuff is all that important….yeah, it looks good, but in under a minute, five dollars worth of fake red poinsettias, wrapping paper and colorful wired ribbons are in the trash….or if you are really old, then you preserve all those fixings, thinking they will be reused, but in reality you will forget where you stored them, so they are never employed again. Or, If you are like my Little Ma’s (my maternal grandma, may she rest in peace), you store them in your shower. Little Ma’s shower stored five feet of used wrapping paper and bows from the last twenty years. Really. As a child I could not open the shower door, less an avalanche of dusty, bright ribbon and neatly folded packs of wrapping paper bury me alive. For the record Little Ma’s never showered, she LOVED her bathtub.

Ahem, back to my point…. So Christmas approaches and I feel jolly. After shopping and wrapping,  I now get to give my gift to that friend I love so much. It is not an expensive gift, but hopefully something that they will love or at least like. This physical giving part is when I become soaked in a warm happy feeling. As they open it, I swell with excitement, hope and nervousness, wanting them to genuinely like my gift.

But then this happens……I was at a girlfriend’s home recently and was helping her prepare for dinner when I opened a cupboard that held the present I had given her two years ago, unopened, never used. Ok, that did sting a bit, but I got over it by my second martini.

Now I might have to admit that maybe I shop for ME this time of year. Maybe this rush of gift buying is why I am so darn jolly so early…..Maybe, just maybe I am really horrible at selecting gifts and all these years my dear friends "oooh" and smile big just to be polite and then when they get home they toss my gift in their spare shower, or empty cupboard…….Hmmmm.

In conclusion, I am cheerful and enthused about the upcoming season, which really is all about Baby Jesus and not giving material gifts that I carefully select, pathetically wrap, and receive a small rush of warm love over.

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