Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Black Friday

Who says dinner time is not educational? Last night, our Monday night family dinner conversation flowed like normal, discussing the Halloween weekend and our highs and lows that accompanied it.

I asked my family, “So what does the next week, this first week of November, hold?”

It was quiet and then twelve year old Lucas blurted out, “Black Friday!”

“What is that?” Little brother, Daniel asked.

“Black Friday! Do you know even know what that is, Lucas?” I questioned him.

Then it registered, “Oh, wait, that is at the END of November”, he said.

“What is Black Friday?” Daniel pushed for an answer, feeling left out. I admit I was avoiding his question and still engaged with Lucas. We agreed that Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving.

"What is Black Friday?" Daniel interrupted. He started getting angry and  tired of being overlooked, then asked, “Is Black Friday Martin Luther King Day?”

I almost choked on my bite of hamburger because the laughter had nowhere to go. It was so darn funny and yet was simply logical he could deduce that Black Friday was all about Martin Luther King. Daniel is only nine and a male and hates shopping…. so Black Friday, the busy, overcrowed, super sale shopping day would never come up in his third grade world. But Martin Luther King sure did! Suffice it to say the true meaning of Black Friday was defined, explored, critiqued and analyzed over French fries and burgers at our dinner table.

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