Wednesday, October 7, 2009

School Politics

After serving his year term as Vice President, my son decided not to run for a position on his school Student Council. Running for office and winning the past two years, he claimed to need a political sabbatical because he did not like how the weekly meetings interfered with his lunch break. Play time over politics.  I can’t lie…. I understood his reasons for not running, but I was disappointed. See, I was hoping that Student Council would be his niche, as he is a great leader….. so creative, innovative, smart and funny. Unlike real-life politicians he is honest, won’t cheat on his wife or have a homosexual affair. I thought his future in this arena looked bright. I did not nag him about it, but told him all the qualities I saw in him that made him a great candidate for any position. Please stay involved, I kept wishing….Still he wanted to goof off at lunchtime instead of planning Spirit days, like Wacky Wednesday, and mapping out future fund raisers. End of story.

Today was the final day that a student could turn in his petition to run for an office. This form simply requires 10 student signatures (constituents), two teacher endorsements and a parent’s signature. Parent’s having to bless the extra work load that comes with a win. This is the first time in three years there will be no campaign posters designed or spirited speeches written under our roof. The last two years Lucas has handled his own marketing campaign….coming up with the idea to “Step up and Vote for Lucas” was his slogan last year. He asked me to take a picture of him standing on a ladder. Cute, and it worked. Another year he handed out gummy candy eyeballs that said “Keep your eye on Lucas for Athletic Liaison.”

There there is this whole sweets campaign that goes on for one day, and one day only, where candidates bring in candy and pass it out to the student body in an attempt to sway the vote. It is parallel to Halloween night, but on a school day. Most of the 250 kids, whose parents are paying for a private education, are high on sugar most of this day. Every student loves this event that leads up to the LONG (sometimes boring ) speech assembly, then voting day, which is often held on the first Tuesday in November . It is treated like National voting day, but on a smaller scale. There are private voting polls all decorated in red, white and blue and students don an “I Voted” sticker when they are done casting their ballot. Very patriotic.

I received a cell phone text from Lucas at 11AM today, kindly asking if possible that I hustle down to school and  sign his student council petition that was due at noon today. He decided, at the very last possible minute, to run for school President!

What? Of course, I was willing to oblige his request. I scooted to school, anxious to find him.

My first question was, “What made you change your mind?”

He explained that a friend asked if he was running for office and when he said no, she encouraged him. Kaylee told him he should run because he is “really good at stuff like that.” A couple kids around him confirmed those words and Lucas was ready to hit the campaign trail. Basically, it was the same thing I had said a week ago, but now it was packaged by his peers, so it sounded more attractive.

“ I told you that you were a good leader,” I affirmed.

“ Mom, you tell me I am good at everything, so I have a hard time believing you sometimes.”

Regardless, our home is now officially Presidential Campaign headquarters.

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