Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nothing's Changed

Yesterday was an anything but an average day. On regular days, I do not scrub toilets, finalize my Will and visit the pediatric cardiologist. Since Wednesday is the only day that I don’t work in fourth grade, my home of employment, it is the day that personal appointments are made and lose ends tied up. It does not feel like a day off, but time to play catch up with life’s business, cleaning, and laundry. I am not complaining because I am one hundred percent sure having an anything but average day, that contains good health, is nothing short of a ginormous generous blessing.

There was sunshine in my personal life, amongst the clouds that poured down inches of rain, pretty much all day long. This was not average Southern California October weather… to pack umbrellas and driving 55MPH on the 101 freeway. However, this was THE DAY we visited Lucas’ heart doctor. It feels wonderful to not ask my husband to accompany us…..we usually all go together. Honestly, the last couple heart visits have been pleasantly uneventful, and I can handle bantering with the doctor who has been become a friend over the last twelve years.

My son’s heart checked out, with the doctor declaring, “Nothing’s changed”, which in Lucas’ case equates to an A+ report. If this phrase “Nothing’s changed” were to describe diet results or school bullying, it would feel like a defeat, but when it comes to Lucas heart, we celebrate. These words carry the weight of receiving a 1900 on the SAT test. It means that we are gifted nine more months of heart free worry and able to focus completely on elementary school political campaigns, soccer practice and upcoming holiday joy….all because, nothing’s changed.

There were past visits to see this very same doctor, who sat us down after the same tense echocardiogram test, and explained how TOO much had changed, for the worse. Transport teams were offered, but my husband and I chose to drive his little broken heart to UCLA ourselves. Last time the transport team escorted him to the hospital, it felt like a federal emotional offense and my Mometer went berserk (See Blog titled More Mometer). Nothing close to that happened yesterday….the only transporting last night was me and a bottle of vino to my girlfriends home to share details of our regular healthy family lives.

Oh, and I can officially die without the fear of burdening my family with probate. We signed our Will and Trust yesterday afternoon. It feels eerie to finalize who gets  my wedding ring and clothes when I die. This legal business makes me an official responsible parent and grown up, doesn’t it? It  feels good to be alive, to hear good heart news, and have a death plan in concrete. As I said earlier, yesterday was anything but average, and thankfully, nothing has changed.

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