Saturday, October 24, 2009

Election Results


Two hundred first through eighth graders cast their student council ballots today at Lucas’ school. Election results will be posted Friday afternoon. Lucas presented his speech beautifully at yesterday’s rally, as did his competition. Win or lose this twelve year old is a champion in my heart.

Hmmmmm….President! It is refreshing to see that he aims high.

When I was in seventh grade, I ran and won the election for the Officer of Religious Affairs. Attending Catholic school, this office’s main responsibility was to track each grade’s progress on selling The Tidings (Catholic magazine) subscriptions. It was a class competition and I made each grade a flower pot with a flower that grew in proportion to the amount of subscriptions sold. When the contest was over, the grade with the tallest flower won. And THAT was the beginning and end of my middle school political career. My sophomore year of high school, I was on the student council, but cannot recall my office title….was it secretary?

What’s my point? Never ever did I have the vision or guts to strive to be the president of anything. Lucas is already the victor in my life just for having the confidence to seek and reach out for the title of Chief.

10-23-09 Two Days Later…
Lucas did not win the race and he seems to be shrugging it off nicely. I am so proud of that kid! On to the next event…..a seventh grade overnight field trip to Sea World….

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