Monday, October 12, 2009

Change in Weather

As Southern California braces for the first storm of the season, I can only imagine what it feels like to live in bitter freezing weather. I am referring to a place where “cooler than average” is not considered 70 degrees on the thermometer. Like Michigan….now that would be a culture shock to me on top of being miserable. Southern California averages 80 degrees this time of year. I have suffered through the recent colder than average temps by simply not wearing flip flops outside. Socks and shoes put the brakes on feeling the lost ten degrees. Folks back east must laugh out loud when they watch our weather reports.

So here comes the rain…..time to drag in some fire wood and dig out my cozy Ug boots. I need to move the dog’s food and water bowls and shuffle the patio furniture around so it doesn’t get wet. The part I most dread with the seasonal shift is the cold and flu season that comes with it. Reading in the paper about the number of kids that have died or been hospitalized due to Swine flu has really put my mommy nerves on edge. My son has two of the three major risk factors that are linked to the deaths. I find myself phoning the pediatrician daily to see if they have received their allotment of H1N1 vaccinations. The pediatrician has promised them to my boys when, and if, they ever arrive. I feel like a six year old in the back of the car asking “Are we there yet?” with every call I make. Annoying, but I don’t like the idea of catching this flu bug and spending a single fall or winter day in the hospital.

My preparation for the predicted downpour will consist of tossing an umbrella and jacket in my car tomorrow morning. I think weather folks are blowing the whole situation out of proportion because they finally have something other than “sunny with early morning clouds” to report. Storm Watch will be breaking news for the next couple days here. Those icy people in Michigan would laugh at what we Californians call a storm.

Just an observation: I have noticed that female meteorologists in California have large perky chests, perfectly coifed hairdos and pretty faces. Why is that? Maybe that is so that the average southern California viewer will tune in to hear the exact same thing she said last night, only in a different colored tight sweater? For the next few days she is going to have to do more than point and smile, because it is finally going to rain in Southern California.

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