Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Something's Fishy

I want to share with my faithful following of three: Cara, Mirella and Kathy, something about my blog that I just discovered. See my blog fish tank in the upper right hand corner? Of course you do. Now feed my fish….go ahead, put your mouse over the tank and left click. Orange tiny fish food appears and the fish see it and all hustle to the meal you prepared them in just one click. Put a lot of food pieces in there, click, click,click,click,click...watch those hungry swimmers go wild, racing to the food. If you click repeatedly all over the tank, the fish create water rings as they rise to the surface for dinner. It is such simple entertainment, that doesn’t get old for a least a solid sixty seconds.

Why can’t cooking dinner be that easy? I dream that in one click the food is ready and my family eagerly arrives at the dinner table, so darn enthusiastic about eating the same exact meal I clicked for them the night before and the night before that. There are no complaints about green beans, whining about finishing their milk, or grumbling why they don’t like what I prepared. Like computer fish, they adore eating the same thing every day and actually become conditioned, getting energized when they see me approaching the fish tank, um, I mean dining room. I would never run low on meals. Stealing away to the kitchen, I would grab my mouse and click up another bowl of magic people-fish food they all faithfully crave. Precisely like my virtual fish, my family would not find fault in my cooking, just a thankfulness that I was there providing another meal for their daily feeding. After I was done clicking dinner, I'd sit back and watch while they devour those magic morsels they can’t to get enough of.

I don’t know about your family eating environment, but mine is nothing like my blog fish tank. But I can imagine this wacky dream, even if it sounds a little fishy.


Anonymous said...

Love this one-sooo true! When I have days like that, it becomes a breakfast night! The fish aquarium was fun too! ;]

Anonymous said...

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