Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Lil' Sister

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a little sister named Candice Ann, also known as Dee Dee. She will be thirty-five on September 11th, not the best birth date to have since 2001, thanks to the Taliban. Regardless of this damper, I wish to take a moment to reflect on this lovely,unique and amazing woman.

When Candice was little she was the cutest and most animated toddler. She used to sing opera at age three to a song she made up named “La Bonya”. That loosely means “The Bathroom” in Italian. She would have the family in stitches as she belted out self-created Italian words, opera-style, as she slowly waved her chubby arms around like one of the three tenors. She continually stole the show with that gig. I admit she was an adorable character, with her grayish-blue eyes and dark brown hair. You could say she has always been a girl who knew what she likes, picking out one solitary food and only eating it. As a kid she would overdose on beans. Beans, and lots of them. Or rice. Actually one night she ate so much that she barfed up rice three separate times in three different beds all in one exhausting night. Just like a silly little kid, Candice went to bed with a wad of gum in her mouth and woke up with it stuck in her hair. Mom had to cut it out. You might say that the live entertainment she provided us lived long past her “La Bonya” opera singing stage.

Having always been an animal lover, Candice has owned many Cats. Currently she adores her cat Lucy whom she has raises with her husband Dave. Lucy is one of the many felines that Candice has nurtured during her lifetime. She devotedly cared for Harry, Gilly, Menu(pronounced Mee-new) and once had akitten that fell asleep in the tire well of the car. Candice was understandably crushed when Mom backed up. So was the cat.

I share these memories as they are what I treasure about my baby sister who is approaching thirty-five. Fortunate people call her friend, as she is a fantastic one to have. Her quick wit and dry humor are timed perfectly and being around her always makes me leave wanting more. She is an avid reader and gifted at learning languages. This is displayed in the fact she has a degree in linguistics as well as mastering her latest language; Court Reporting. Her fingers smoke on her little machine at 250 words per minute! While learning this trade, I observed Candice’s perseverance and determination.

Candice has the stamina of a race horse; once she starts running you can’t catch her. At least I can’t. She is committed to a healthy lifestyle and it is mind boggling that our family had to switch to nonfat milk because she was such a round baby. She is and always has been a big-city dweller with exquisite modern style. She loves to shop at Old Navy and Banana Republic and her generosity is displayed in her donations of old clothing to me. Affectionately they are called my “Can-Me-Downs.” I look at Candice’s gorgeous skin tone, twinkling grey-blue eyes, her classy cut and beautiful white smile that did not require a single trip to the orthodontist, and realize she could be a model. Natural beauty lives inside as well of outside her. She is warm-hearted, goofy, loves to dance, enjoys traveling and her nephews are her favorites kids on the planet. She generously treated them to a Universal Studios trip this summer and plays cards or board games with them at every opportunity. My younger son adores her and it can get embarrassing at times how he gushes over her. Maybe it is because she is so easy to love.

Her special qualities transcend the average thirty-five year old and I could not imagine my life without Candice Ann sprinkled throughout it. It is effortless to observe the many wonders of Candice Ann, the best Little Sister on Planet Earth. Happy Birthday and Cheers to you Dee Dee!

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