Friday, August 7, 2009

Magic Mountain 2

Aside from watching teens hang on each other and an array of colorful tattoos on diverse skin, the trip to Magic Mountain was thrilling for everyone. I was able to adjust my attitude and adopt a cheerier disposition (Note: there is no Beer Garden at Magic Mountain). It was easier than I thought. When Daniel woke up, he announced that his stomach felt better, saying, “It is just hurting like a regular-day stomach ache”. I assumed that was good news. Since he was feeling better, I was feeling better and my anxiety quelled.

Having not been to Magic Mountain in twenty years, I noticed many changes. A Sheriff Station was erected next to the entrance of the park. Police on foot and bike scurried around the park like ants. The gang problems I had heard so much about seemed to have been handled. I found myself starting to relax, knowing that gang violence would not intimidate the day.

The scorching 97 degree heat that settled on this park the day before lifted with a glorious “cooling trend”. Our timing could not have been better. It was still hot, but not a sticky, miserable heat that begged for a cool shower. The park was not as crowded as I anticipated for an August day. I imagined wilting in hour long lines. This did not happen.

Twelve year old Lucas hesitated on the roller coasters, staying behind while the other boys, including four 8 year olds, raced to the back of the line of the Terminator Salvation and Revolution rides. The few coasters that he avoided gave us a chance to walk around, visit the Wii store and share some licorice. Lucas did go on the Gold Rush twice. This is the very first rollercoaster at Magic Mountain, built in 1971; it was a perfect starter coaster for him. He surprised everyone when he joined the group on Colossus. He looked a tad white coming off, but he rode it, and I could tell he felt adventurous. Later in the day, I commended Lucas for being “true to himself”. He did not cave in to the peer pressure of doing something that did not feel right for him. Who knew a moral lesson would tie into this day?

Cotton Candy was not the only positive part of my day. We left the park around two for our picnic lunch. We sat under big beautiful trees, a slight breeze in the dry air, eating Subway sandwiches, while a chihuahua with its leg in a cast hobbled around our troops. It was perfect lunch entertainment. Then we went back to the park and watched a show called “Mat Hoffman’s Danger Defying Daredevils” that mesmerized my boys. It was BMX Freestyle, inline skating and skateboarding stunts.

You might be wondering, “Did anything go wrong?” Yes. Two of our ten dollar drink cups that allowed you to fill up for free all day long, were stolen early in the day. Bummer. The second ride the group went on was a water ride called Roaring Rapids. Many in our group, including me, sat in the absolutely worst seats possible on this white water adventure. We looked the equivalent of jumping in a pool with our clothes on. Daniel and I were so drenched that after 3 hours of walking around with wet socks, we had to take them off and go the rest of the day without them. Our bare feet in wet shoes were bearable, but not ideal. Note to self: pack extra socks, watch for thieves.

I was spot-on with calling them stinky boys. Lucas had brought a friend, and the three adrenalin-spent boys in the back seat of our car smelled like a gym locker room. It was the scent of a fun day. We were all exhausted, getting home at 8:30 PM. Lucas and Daniel have already asked when we are returning to Magic Mountain. It makes me happy knowing they enjoyed our trip. Despite me starting off with a stinker attitude, it ended up an amazing day.

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next time Uncle Dave is coming!