Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fourth Grade Here I Come

I officially go back to work today. I am not looking forward to returning to Fourth Grade twenty hours a week. Last year I worked three days a week and this year it was moved up to four days. My employer needed my highly technical skills of correcting homework and spelling tests, laminating art work and tutoring in math more often because our incoming class is busting at the seams with 26 ten year olds. That’s too many children for our small classroom. We had 22 fourth graders last school year and we were crammed. Unfortunately, my desk sits next to the Kleenex box in the back of the room. It is the germ zone with every kid with a cold or allergies running back to where I sit. Now there will be 26 runny noses stopping by. This ought to be interesting.

I feel blessed to work where my two boys attend school, checking in on my 8 year old throughout the day and spying on my middle-schooler every chance I get. If a mom has to work, this is a great place to be. I just wish I did not have to work so many days, two or three days would be ideal. If I don’t blog often it is only because I haven’t figured out how to create more hours in a day and writing is low on the list of items that must get accomplished in a 24 hour period. I wish it wasn’t, but there are these young boys running around my house that keep calling me mom. During this season of my life, I will keep them, their sports, music lessons, homework and feeding them dinner a priority. I keep reminding myself that time will continue to leap across my calendar and these boys will be not be living here any longer. This house will be so quiet and my ‘to do’ list much shorter. I will do my best to stay family centered, while I have a family to center around. Unlike typing all day on a computer, my mommy days are numbered.

Until my little chicks leave the nest, I will do my best to keep the computer keyboard smokin’, writing my book and blogging when time permits.

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