Monday, August 3, 2009

Forever in Blue Genes

This is a true story I wrote years ago.

My son, Daniel, has recently decided not to wear his jeans, always picking out sweats. I had an adorable pair of jeans that I wanted my 4 year old to wear. Drying him off from his bath, I pulled the jeans and a pair of sweats from his drawer. I held both pants up for him to decide.

“Do you want to wear your jeans or your sweats?” I encouraged, holding the jeans suggestively higher.

“What do you think I want to wear?” We both knew the answer.

I was not surprised by his choice, and tossed him the usual sweats. It was a mystery why he avoided jeans lately.

He paused, than asked, “Do you know why I don’t want to wear jeans?

Puzzled, I answered “no.”

He said with confidence, “Because, I don’t want to get diabetes.”

What? Diabetes? I had to stop and chew on his reasoning, which made no sense at all. Minutes later, it became clear. Daniel had overheard me talking to my husband about my diabetic father. It left a lasting impression on him when I cautioned my husband, “We need to be careful; we have diabetes in our genes.”

Mystery solved.

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Kari said...

That is one of my favorite Daniel stories...well told and written Crista!