Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a Coincidence!

“Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous”

Sometimes in life things come together in the most magnificent way. Some of my personal situations have played out, and I just can’t believe that it was good luck or a co-wink-ee-dink, as my sister calls them. I am not positive, but I think someone really is watching over me, but he or she doesn’t want the credit. This Rescuer swoops down, and helps me with the guise of luck. Let me share with you one of those times.

It was December 2007. My family and two other families were on our Winter Vacation in Bass Lake. It was four days after Christmas and we were ready for some snow, sledding, and ice skating. We were there less than 18 hours when we got The Call (this is a whole different story I will save for another time) that our house had caught on fire at 2:30 AM that morning. By 9:00 AM we had packed up our Tahoe, and sadly drove the six hours back home. Our Winter Vacation melted right before our eyes.

I need to condense this long story as this is a blog, and not an epic novel, and I am here today to share only my coincidence. As you could imagine, we could not live in our home; the wiring in the attic had melted, we had huge holes in our roof, and the house reeked of smoke. It was ugly and depressing to see my family’s nest like this. Thankfully, we were all packed from our vacation and hoping to move into my parents home a few miles away. They graciously took us in without hesitation. But this was only a temporary fix because, two little boys, a set of stressed-out parents and two daschunds over a long period of time would have sent my dear old parents to the Nut House. Or me.

It was determined that it would be months before we could go home. Our insurance company agreed to pay for us to rent a home while ours was fixed. It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? I called a dozen places. Most homes required a lease; all of them did not want dogs. Well, one would take dogs, but they wanted a short lease and the house was a Dump. We considered the Dump, but then shifted to Plan B. Gently; I asked my parents if they would be willing to take care of our doggies for, say, at least 6 months? I think they must have felt really bad for us because they agreed after little cajoling. My kids were broken-hearted at the thought of not having our pups with us. Saddened, we pushed forward, looking for a rental house that did not require a lease.

I looked in the newspaper and drove around town. Handling all the leg work and phone calls of house searching, I felt a big sense of urgency. I found a few houses that had potential for our situation. With each owner I explained our story, and why we could not sign up with a year lease. I was playing all the cards in my hand, as we were going on 10 days living with my parents. I was getting frustrated with each call. I found the perfect house in the paper. I drove by and checked it out. It was in the development next to ours and only a couple years old. I had many dear friends who lived in the neighborhood and, drum roll please…… it was located right next to the most beautiful park! This park had a basketball court, mini-water park and fabulous landscape with winding pathways that any skateboard or bike would love to cruise. I imagined how we could live there and go to our Burnt House (my boys named it that) everyday to get the mail and watch our real home be rebuilt. However, the kind Asian gentleman wanted a lease. He would consider a 6 month lease. We had nothing to lose and I made an appointment for my husband and I to meet with him without our kids.

Walking up the drive way to our Sunday morning appointment I was a little nervous. The owner was showing the house to other folks that day, but I really wanted to live there! I wanted him to see we were a nice family, just in a bad situation, and we really needed a break. I did not even mention our beloved doggies, which would have been an instant deal-breaker.

My husband Ralph and I stood on the porch and rang the doorbell. The door opened and I saw a small, business like, Asian fella, with his shoes off, and a gentle smile on his face. My husband saw his boss! Yes, his boss owned this home! It was remarkable that the two dots were never connected. Besides we live in a big town, who would have guessed this could even be possible? Believe or not, my husband had left a message on his boss’s answering machine saying he would not be at work for a while, as we had a house fire. However, his boss had been on vacation and never received it.

What a much needed coincidence for our family. The Landlord Boss trusted my husband immensely, and this worked in our favor We mentioned our 2 doggies and The Landlord Boss said they would be welcome to live there ! The Landlord Boss gave us a very loose lease that we could wiggle out of without penalty. This was an unbelievable answer to my prayer, and I had to thank God, even though I think he wanted to stay anonymous. The six of us moved in a few days later and lived there for 9 memorable months. I just can not believe that was a co-ink-ee-dink or good luck.

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