Friday, July 31, 2009

Dr. Ooops!

Lucas’ abdomen X-ray on Tuesday showed that his stomach is upside down. Yes, I said upside down, as in 180 degrees, flip-flopped, doing a hand stand. The mystery of why he has daily stomach aches and gagging with eating, is starting to come into the light.

This morning we will drive to Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara for an Upper GI Test. It should be painless and should offer some valuable information as to how his stomach is working, or I should say, not working.

I pulled myself from bed at 5:30 this morning to get the coffee IV started. My first thought was of food, food, food! It is a sure sign that I am feeling stressed over this day. I think it is because the tiny, sharp darts of past memories (see previous blog) might poke and pierce me this morning. Knowing that I have to put on my strong face, makes me sad. When Lucas was a baby, I could cry all the way to the hospital. Now that he is 12 years old, the guise of “everything will be fine” is my mask. If I have to cry, I will wait until I get home and sneak to the back yard and let the tears flow. This emotional plan seemed to work fine on Tuesday.

Deep in my soul, I don’t feel like I can complain. When I remember anticipating intense cardiac testing, and the news that surgery,after surgery was upon us, I think, “this is nothing, what’s a little stomach film?” The worst that will happen today is that Lucas might gag during the test, and I will hate to watch that. Especially, when I know he will have an audience watching him in the room.

In our house, when I “think” life is getting "tough" or "throwing us a fast ball", I remember 1997 and say out loud, “ Well, it’s not open heart surgery”. It is an excellent perspective from wherever I am mentally standing. Problems shrink with these 6 simple words! You should try it! It recalibrates me, and pulls me through, knowing this little guy has jumped over greater physical hurdles. This should be a cakewalk.


Don’t you think if a doctor is going to tell you that your son’s stomach is “upside down” that he better be darn well sure it is? This is not a hang nail, people, it is a seriously weighted diagnosis, don’t you agree? On Tuesday, Dr. "Oops" showed us on the X-ray how the stomach had moved to this upside down position. He pointed out body parts and everything! He was so sure of his 8-years-of-medical-school-self. Of course, I believed him. I was starting to worry.

He was wrong. A lot wrong. So the good news is that the Upper GI showed everything to be normal, a slightly tilted, smaller than usual tummy, but a normal one. Lucas did great throughout the test and it went much quicker than we expected. No tiny sharp darts! (See blog :Tiny Sharp Darts). The bad news is that we must do further testing to see why the symptoms are present. Next week, Lucas and I will trek back up to SB (the drive is quite beautiful, especially when compared going south on the 101) for an endoscopy. The old "camera down the esophogus" trick. It is a small test he will endure. I think he will do fine....after all, “it’s not open heart surgery”.

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Unknown said...

Oh Crista, I'm so happy for Lucas!! I thought it sounded like he had a Lap Band without even trying!! I had an upper GI last week and it was easy, drink the chalk and watch it go down! I hope all goes well with the endoscopy, my thoughts are will you! Love the Blog by the way! Keep it up! It's a happy Friday!!

Cousin Nina