Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lil' Spin for NG

Are you wondering if I still ride my unicycle, Blanche?  
Over a month ago I took her on a lil'spin for two miles. Don't think I could peddle much farther without getting weak in the legs and falling on my face. But just yesterday, my boys were messing around in the front yard trying to ride Blanche, which makes me nervous. Especially, Daniel. He is prone to accidents. Many know "that kid" in our local hospital with his frequent ER visits. The most recent one was for a water balloon being lobbed 30 MPH at his face/eyeball from a kid standing TEN feet away. This was by accident, of course. 
 Regardless, he did "black out" so a CT scan was in order to make sure no concussion. So, with Dan's accident record in mind,  yesterday's unicycle riding attempts without a helmet on, was NO BUENO. 
 Lucas has a new girlfriend, we will call her NG (new girlfriend) and I was gonna show her how it's done. I shared my limited unicycle skills of forward and forward for NG. It was fun to take Blanche on a verrrry lil'spin. I wish I was motivated to ride five miles regularly, like the good old days. Where does one find motivation for that? At present, Blanche is being ignored in the living room. My neglected single wheelie sits quietly in the corner with her patriotic dunce cap on. Poor thing.

About Lucas's new girlfriend?
I like her :)
 Those two are cut from the same cloth and they appear stupidly happy and attached at the hip. Both are outgoing, love the same music, crazy adventures, and both posses hi-octane humor.

  I have only come to know NG recently and Teckie has met her only once. It hasn't helped that Teckie has been in New Mexico working for two weeks.  It's been lonely around here, but I have kept busy painting Lucas's old bedroom and spending time with my NB.
Sadly, the NG is leaving in August to attend college in Germany for an Electrical Engineering degree. Smarty pants.
It's a summer romance and then adios amigo de amor! NG will jet off to study abroad and eat bratwurst in lederhosen.

One thing I note from history is that this 19-year-old boy likes super-smart and super-cute girls :)
Another observation is that Unicycle Rose likes her riding to be infrequent and super lil'.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Ixna the Ireworksfa

If you speak Pig Latin, and many of us raised in the great "US of A" had at least a Summer Intro to Pig Latin,  then you know that this post title translates to:
 No Fireworks (Nix the Fireworks).
That's right, NO FIREWORKS!
That best describes our Fourth of July. This was not by choice.
The Fourth is a personal FAVORITE of mine because the colors-- edra, itewha and uebla (more Pig talk) look amazing in their many forms; from flowers, to my flag-cross, to the basic flag in all sizes ... even jello shots hopped on the patriotic hue train. Yes, someone whose Pig Latin name is Oyceja Owsna texted me beforehand and asked if she could bring jello shots.
 I paused.
The first and last time I experienced jello shots, I was 25, dating Teckie and his friend and I danced on a coffee table and broke it in two! I hesitated to bless the gelatin booze, fearing a meandering teenager might pluck one up and then there would be TROUBLE: with a capital T and that rhymes with B and that stands for BUSTED!!
 SIDENOTE: If you have not watched The Music Man then that last sentence makes me sound like a babbling idiot and leaves you confused. Just rent the Music Man, please. It's an American Classic and Marion the Librarian, young Shirley Jones, is darling. Sweet Love story too.
We welcomed the jello shooters in cute tiny red solo cups and they were enjoyed by some over-21 folks. No broken tables or craziness resulted. Just lots of singing in the dark, staring up, while anticipating thundering fireworks to blow up illuminating-spectacular colors across the night sky any minute. We passed that slow fireworkless hour singing Happy Birthday to Miss Piggy (yes, again, I know), God Bless America and other statesmanlike tunes :)  
Apparently, the fireworks company had a problem with the ignition and after an hour of troubleshooting, the show was cancelled. 
It was literally a "no-show."
Benson was upset and I understand that. For city-wide-sugar-pumped children it must have felt like anticipating Santa Claus and then being told (due to sleigh malfunction) The Red Suit wasn't showing up.
Now, go home and go to bed kids.
 Ouch :(
It was odd having folks over with no fireworks to wrap up the night. 
What a dud ending. This was a Fourth that none will forget; it was different, but in a not-so-great way.
 I came to the conclusion that cancelled fireworks are not nearly as disappointing as pediatric-open-heart surgery (my measuring stick for life's disappointments). So all things relative, I shrugged it off, played some ping pong, ate a month's worth of homemade desserts and called it a night. 
I left my flag-cross up and fav quote because it makes me happy.
I like being happy.
I like July Fourth and fireworks.
And, apparently today, I like Pig Latin.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Purply Cosmic Planet Rose

The Nubees team is back on the local lanes every Thursday morning for 13 weeks of summer league play.  Like last year, I bring my favorite Old Lady Friend, Edna, along for good luck and positive juju. Boy, the last three weeks I have needed luck.  Since starting in early June, my only goal was to break 100 each game and that was difficult, even when I whispered "arrow prayers" before I tossed the ten pounder. CLUNK!  Many, many times my ball met the gutter before the pins. My handicap has toggled between 93 and 78. 
 NOW, do you understand that I suck at bowling?
However, Thursday mornings are consistent fun to spend time with Overboard in matching shirts she bought our team when she attended the National Female Bowling Championships in May. Overboard is hardcore with this bowling gig, and Thursdays never disappoint laughing with all the sweet ladies at Harley's Bowling Alley. It's definitely a worthwhile-weekly-women-only workout, despite my lack of flair, skill and points.
But today, something was different.
 There was a new variable in my personal bowling equation.
Not only was  our summer league celebrating five July birthdays, with cake, decorations and celebratory cheer, but I hauled along a new friend... a ten-pound-round friend to call my very own until the day I die. My very-first-ever bowling ball. She is swirly aqua, purple and dark blue with silver sparkles flowing throughout. She looks like a purply cosmic planet named "Rose" and her holes were custom made to fit my pudgy-short-fingers. It felt like wearing a glove that has a bowling ball wrapped around it. 
Meet my Leetle Friend
Being that my Purply Cosmic Planet Rose Ball was an bowling virgin, it was exciting to AT LAST introduce shiny her to the greasy alley and filthy pins that begged her to "bring it."
Janet, Overboard, Me
The Nubees Team, Year Two
Planet Rose showed no fear facing those scratched-worn pins. This young-beautiful-thing slammed into those old-timers and it felt like, for the first time in my bowling history, the planets and stars aligned, the skies opened up and angelic chants were heard on lanes five and six.
I did fling a couple gutter balls this morning and made
a few signature bad throws,
 but I rang up a score of 165 in our third game!
165 PEOPLE! That's a 243 with my outrageous handicap!
Yes, five strikes in game tres, which included a "turkey"
 (that's three strikes in a row - gobble, gobble, gobble).
This is total abnormal Unicycle Rose bowling behavior! 
Can you say,
"Let the Good Times Roll?" 
It was such a natural high. I love those rare happenings:)
Thank you Purply Cosmic Rose Ball for the first of (hopefully)
 many consecutive strikes and magical summer memories.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

The End of Aloha, Part 3

Almost two weeks home from Oahu and adjusted back to the mainland routine of work, water polo (6-8 AM every darn-early-morning) and enjoying our California summer. I do miss Hawaii and know it will be a loooong time before we return to that ridiculously beautiful place. I count my blessings for the ability to even get to travel there and make memories that will last a lifetime.
Some final pictures to wrap up this "series" of Aloha Posts.
The "Grandkids"
Some happier than others

Cutie Pies
 Daniel Hanging Ten at Diamond Head Beach
Benson is a Connect Four addict and everyone had
 a chance to be outsmarted by a five year old!

Aloha hugs and kisses all over my Baby Girl 

Uncle Lui is joining Lucas at Camp Del Corazon this summer as a CAMP COUNSELOR.
For Lucas, finally being a counselor is a dream come true. For Uncle Lui, it's keeping a promise
he made to Lucas years ago. What an awesome Uncle!

With a box from Costco, I made Eva a boxcar and we took turns
 pulling her around the house. She loved it!
Who wouldn't?

Early morning skim boarding in front of our house. Great way to wake up ...
for a 15 year old!
The vacation puzzle was a great pastime.
It was FINALLY finished and all were gone, except Benson and his family,
 the Little Devil decided to make a big puzzle mess by tearing it apart.
When we returned his wise mother had him write an apology letter to the rest of us!
 Little Boys.:)
Actually, a good memory that made us laugh when Benson wasn't looking.
In Waikiki, Mr. Turtle swam right up next to me as I stood on a reef taking pictures.
You don't see this on Ventura beaches!

The beach in front of our casa was great for boogie boarding!

Teckie pretending to love the beach :)
XOX from my Big Babies
The view from our bedroom which was worlds away from reality.
  This morning I woke up to guitars hanging on the
wall and piles of clean laundry on the floor.
The vacation
is REALLY over :(
I love and miss you Waimanalo!
 Up Next?
Fourth of July weekend- and I still LOVE all things American!
Especially Old Glory.
 I am Thanking God for allowing us to live in America and praying for those who don't know the blessing of freedom and democracy in their lands.
 We are home and being patriotically lazy.
Have a safe Fourth everyone!


Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 2, 2016

I wrote this lil-diddy on June 2, 2016 and is has been aging in my wine barrel of words ever since. 
Please, Let me pour you a glass...
It's really June 2nd, okay?
I am sitting on my couch looking out my front living room window at our peach, lemon and lime trees and then there's my lounging wiener dog, Sara. The pooch is staring back at me on her own little couch next to the window. She can lay in that spot for hours. That would bore me to death; so thankful God created me in  human form and not a wiener dog. Besides that point, I am reflecting how one year ago we were in the exciting storm of graduating two kids; Daniel from 8th grade and Lucas from high school.
Blink, Blink. Yabble-Dabble...and Presto! 
 2015, our "two-grad" year
 A year later, Daniel is wrapping up his freshman year of high school and Lucas completed his first year of junior college. He is now counting the days until two summer school classes start.
Side Note: I heard him telling a friend that in summer school he is taking Speech Communication and Astrology.
  Really, wizard? Astrology?
It's Astronomy.
More and more I am secure with his decision to attend Moorpark Junior college. Tomorrow we are touring Cal Poly Pomona as they are one of the few schools with a Music Industry major and his heart is still perched on an Audio Engineering degree. He just has to survive another year at home. This is cool with me, but he is swamped in deep dislike (I avoided the word hate -- too strong)  over living at home still. Seeing so many of his friends be whisked out of state or at least out of town has left him down. But I am confident that there is a plan in the works for him.....think Jeramiah 29:11
"Know the plans I have for you says the lord.
Plans to prosper you, not to harm you, plans with hope and a future."
I trust that promise is for Lucas; you and me too!
And this verse brings me to yet another side note:
I only memorized that particular bible verse and can NEVER forget it because our EXTREMELY-straight-as-an-arrow-clean-cut-Christian babysitter,  who was homeschooled her entire life and purer than the light of day had that very verse tattooed on her ankle when she was a teenager.  I almost spit out my mouth full of (Jesus) wine when she showed me. She explained that her mother was so upset, she refused to talk to her and I was right there with a mother's understanding. A tattoo?
This sweet young thang was THE LAST kid in town to permanently ink her bod!
I still don't dig tats so much, even if my name is involved
However, ten years later I have accepted that if she will "tat-up" ANYONE will. It's a cultural thing whether I have a ticket on the ink train or not (Dam, I sound like a crusty-curmudgeon). BTW, many people I know and love dearly have tattoos, and that is fine for them. I'm not judging here, just saying it's VERY permanent and I am too wishy-washy.
 My philosophy remains that the new tattoo is no tattoo.
Where was I?
Oh, by my sweet doggie staring back with her lazy-dog glaze and recalling our two graduations last June 2015. While my sons next/future graduations are simmering on the back burner for three more years, tonight we celebrate our dear friend "Baby Lily" graduating from high school, with her flight path set for Pepperdine University in the fall. 
Daniel and Graduating Lily on the Thomas the Tank Engine 12 years ago!

"Astrologer" Lucas and Pepperdine-bound Lily 9 years ago
 Perhaps, I should be prepping hors'dervs for her party and showering this bod-o-mine, instead of blabbering via keyboard. But wait, there is so much Unicycle Rose Life to share and I know that someone, maybe someone, will care. Hi Mom J
I hope to keep pecking my future thoughts and tell of my adventures. Like my banjo tales have to be told ... I have been in lessons for the last 8 months, plus I am excited for summer.
The Fourth of July is almost here!
Not only are all my flowers blooming, American flag swaying in the wind, but I just rented Daniel a surfboard for our upcoming week in Hawaii.
The actual board that we rented in Oahu and there was no surf on our trip. Go fig!
Where's Waldo/Lucas in this photo? Look closely.
But this is all for now, folks.
Stop and take time to smell the summer flowers because life is short (and so am I). More on that later, but for now remember to be kind because everyone is going through something… And some of those people have tattoos and that is totally okay.
 God loves everyone.
Hugs from UR

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Aloha, Part Dos

If you noticed, I wrote "DOS" in the title instead of TWO.  
 Do you know that I STILL "think" in Spanish words? Not all the time.  Ever since high school, the basic words/verbs of Spanish live in my brain. It isn't helping that Daniel completed Spanish "Uno" last semester and is all begging me to practice his conversational Spanish. There's been mucho laughter about our bilingual (can I call it that?) casa de Espanol malo... translation:
House of bad Spanish.
But all of that Spanish-speak is besides the point of this post.
This is  about Oahu Adventures, as the title is Aloha, Part Dos. 
Duh, George.
Feels like we are going in circles....

Moving on....
 Parasailing was cancelled on Wednesday afternoon due to wind; unruley weather. There was slim pickins to go again and we rescheduled for Friday at 8AM. That was early for us, but the show must go on. We met the cousins bright and early at the Honolulu dock.  
  It was more cloudy than sunny, and quite damp. Ralph opted out of this adventure and decided to be an "observer." So, Lucas, who is scared of heights, and Daniel, who is an adrenalin junkie, and I parasailed together. Floating 500 feet above the  water, Lucas was freaking out while Daniel removed the  recording GoPro from his mouth complaining "This is all it is?"
 As for my take?
 Remember when you were a child and would look up at the fluffy-big-white clouds and wonder, "What would it be like to sit on a cloud?" Parasailing was JUST. LIKE. THAT. Cloud sitting. Yes, like that. Very floaty with some sudden dips and there is a point where they float you down like a falling leaf and soak you in the warm ocean. We didn't want this to happen, but we forgot to tell them "No Gracias" on the dipping option.
   It was an overall good experience, checked it off my bucket list
and life back on land has been marching forward ever since.
Another adventure was the four of us hiking up the top of Diamond Head Crater. Excellent-postcard-worthy views in all directions. Even a light house down below on Diamond Head Beach that Daniel would surf at later that week.
As for my take of the hike?
 It was short --1.6 miles-- yet steep, including intense climbing-up-butt-burning-stairs for almost a mile. It was gorgeous at the peak. My personal highlight was that I "Face Timed" my Dad from the tippy-top and shared the sights with him.
 Next on the "Teens in Oahu" menu? 
Snorkeling in Huanama Bay, which is tough to get into as they only allow 300 cars and then its "closed" --- it was lovely, except, once again, windy.

Since I rode a moped there on my high school senior trip in 1986, it has transformed into a snorkel-type-water park where you have to pay 8$ per person to snorkel and must watch a ten minute video on on the fish and wild-life preservation before they will let you down to the bay. Basically, the info-video-mesage was do NOT touch the fish or coral reefs as they are ALIVE and you will injure them.
Roger that, Houston.
Then off we walked, not taking tram down (yes, they have cheap tram rides now like Disneyland) to the bay and the four of us soaked in the colorful schools of  fish, many foreign languages all around, and an African American guy in a gold-shimmery-puffy-speedo. His suit reminded me of the time I saw Cool and the Gang decades ago. It was all good.

Most days we returned to our Waimanalo beach house full of active-sparky-sometimes-cranky-little-ones, more tradewinds and homemade dinners.
 So amigos, that is a wrap on Aloha adventures.

 "Aloha Part Tres" post is coming soon!
Adios and enjoy your weekend :)